Remote Access Concept:

This project is testing an innovative way of sharing performance data from unique laboratory equipment with large numbers of students. Real time monitoring and control of solar energy and HVAC equipment have been developed using web-based building automation systems that are typically used for controlling large commercial buildings. This laboratory resource is designed for university students that have laboratory computers and Internet access, but a shortage of real equipment for demonstrating energy conversion processes.


Why Study Energy?

“Energy” has become a key strategic issue for the United States. The resolution of broad and complex issues like global warming, overloaded regional power grids, or an over-reliance on foreign oil depends on our ability to use energy wisely. The energy for heating, cooling, and lighting buildings is an obvious starting point – it accounts for approximately 40% of the annual energy use in the United States. This project will include three web-based modules that remotely access HVAC and solar energy equipment to teach students fundamental concepts of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Solar panels at Knoy Hall HVAC equipment at Knoy Hall Solar piping equipment at Knoy Hall

This project was developed with support from:

National Science Foundation

Automated Logic Corporation

KMC Controls, Inc.